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      FEITUO-World leading brand
      Focus on the industry
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    • DUNITY aluminum profile
      aluminum window parts
      World leading technology production line
      Architectural profiles
      Aluminum profiling used for industry
      Excellent after-sales service
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    sprocket gears

    We produce all kinds of gear sprockets.

    Feitor is one of the most authoritative, complete and influential manufacturers in China's sprocket and gear industry. Our customers all over the world, product quality has been recognized by customers at home and abroad. It involves many industries: motorcycles, mechanical equipment, agricultural machinery, electric bicycles, bicycles and so on.


    aluminum profiles

    FEITUO has a first-class aluminum alloy R & D team. It has international advanced production and testing equipment.

    R&D and production products involve many fields: construction, decoration, industry, living appliances, pipes. The products are produced in strict accordance with national standards. We must strictly control the quality of products and create high-end products in the aluminum industry.

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